Episode 12: It’s election day!

Episode notes:

  • Minki has voted and he is yet to share on Instagram his voting stamp. Confused? We are too.
  • Ricard will share a the Spanish tradition of voting with chorizo.
  • Jisang has some strange Korean presidential candidates in mind.

How does election day look like in your country?

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Episode 11: Education

Pranking teachers? This and more in today’s episode

  • Minki will outline the school system in South Korea
  • Ricard wonders how bad were Minki and Jisang as young boys during their school years.
  • Jisang will explain how to pull a cute prank on a teacher.
  • New Q&A section.

How’s the school system in your country?

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Episode 10: North Korea

Episode notes:

  • Ricard will try to ask questions about North Korea to Minki and Jisang.
  • Thank you for your insights and honest opinions about the situation.
  • We hope you have learned a bit how South Koreans see the North and the issues around the war.
  • Movie recommendation: Spy Gone North directed by Jong-bin Yoon.

Do you have any other question for us?