Episodio 33: preparativos de boda

Episode notes:

Hello! Long time no see. This episode has been recorded in Spainish. We’re trying something different!
Hemos grabado este episodio en castellano, hablamos de los preparativos de la boda de Minki, como funciona el proceso, cuánto cuesta… ¡Minki viene a España para su luna de miel!

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Episode 26: Cryptocurrencies

Episode notes:

Minki will introduce us to Bitcoin. Jisang and Ricard are total amateurs, will this be the moment we become rich? Spoiler alert: no, it’s not. Although Jisang did get a 100% benefit in one investment. Can you guess what did he spend it on?

What’s the perception and awareness of cryptocurrencies in Spain and South Korea?

Today’s quote: “I took a shower!”

Have you invested in cryptocurrencies?