1. Maria

    Hi guys!
    Congrats on your work, I love hearing your podcasts ^.^

    I was wondering how is divorce seen in Korea. Here in Spain it is super normalized, nowadays there are more divorces than marriages per year.
    So how is the process of divorcing in Korea?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Minki Kim

      Hello, Maria!
      Thanks for your support to our show.
      I’ll answer as I know and think.

      Although South Korea is one of the conservative countries,
      it’s easier to see divorced couple than before.
      When I was a child, it was a quite huge shame but these days, it’s not.
      (But still not ‘super’ normal)

      about divorce process,
      1) make documents
      2) go to local court
      3) request divorce
      4) get confirmation date
      5) meditation period(if you have children 3months, if not 1 month)
      6) go to local court on confirmaion date
      7) receive documents of divorce
      8) report to local center.

      I hope that my answer have what you need.

      sincerly, Minki

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