1. Arialux

    Hii! 🙂
    Loved the episode as always.

    I wanted to add something about the cyber cafes. My older brother used to go to one to play PC games with his friends. He did that because most of his friends didn’t have PCs and was the only way to play together and have some fun. Later when they bought PCs they stopped going. This was like 15 years ago or so.

    Now my youngest brother goes to a cyber cafe, an he describes it as going to a friend’s house, but you don’t have to cook the food yourself XD
    I think it’s different as it used to be. They go from time to time, have some drinks, play some table games as well.

    I think it’s not as common as in corea but there are some cool cyber cafes here in Barcelona.

    1. Ricard Torres

      Thank you for the comment Maria

      I haven’t seen any gaming cyber cafe around here. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. There were 2 in my neighborhood and they closed a few years ago.

      Do they serve food in these? (In Barcelona?)

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